Friday, October 3, 2008

The Demasculinization of Man

I am so tired of commercials that make men look like bumbling idiots. I first noticed the trend about 8 years ago and it has gotten to the point where the media, commercials, and even the laws are designed to make men seem insignificant. In one commercial you have 2 women looking at miniblinds while the husband is attempting to barbeque grill outside. He sets the thing on fire, puts out the fire etc. while the women (ever cool and collected) look at miniblinds. In another one the woman moves her sleeping husband into a storage unit and leaves him there. The commercial ends with the man waking up and stumbling back into the house. A third has the woman cleaning the windows and the man waking from a nap and walking into the windows saying "it's not my house." Two birds are laughing that the man walked into the glass door. It is ridiculous that companies think that to sell products they have to "appeal" to women in such a way as to downgrade men to appearing like idiots while portraying women as nothing short of superheroes. I have written to some of these companies and informed them that I will not be using their products because of their biased commercials. Black and Decker for one can't even advertise a coffee maker without making a man look like a brainless wimp.

This idiocy is partly the result of womens groups that have a goal of making men unnecessary and insignificant. They target men via commercials, media and laws to make them virtually lower class than women. They get them with child support that is so overblown that a man can't live above poverty level while paying child support. The amount of support generally awarded is far higher than is necessary. Add to that the fact that when they award a support order they go back 2 years and tack on a debt of 2 years worth of back child support so that the average man ends up with a 25,000 debt the day the order is passed making it appear that he man is a "deadbeat" when in fact, the child support order was just enacted but the wonderful legal system tacked on a 2 year back debt. While a woman "has the right to choose", a man does not have that right. A woman can get an abortion if she decides that being a parent is not the right thing for her. A man is on the hook the second that woman decides to keep the baby and seek an order of support from him. There is no "right to choose" for a man. The choice is made for them by the courts and they are treated like criminals for implanting sperm into a woman that in many cases lied to them about birth control. My husband had previously been in a relationship with a woman that wanted to marry him. He made it clear that he did not want marriage or kids but low and behold but she decided to ditch the birth control and got pregnant thinking that would "force" him to marry her. When he would not marry her, she then sought child support. My husband only makes around $13 and hour but his monthly payment for this one child is over $600 a month. Add to that the 2 years automatic arrears that they tacked on that amount to around $24,000 and he's on the hook for a long time. If it weren't for me, he'd be homeless because there's no way he'd be able to live on the $500 a month that he is able to bring home. They make it virtually impossible to have the support order modified for the noncustodial parent. Every time we have tried, they have done nothing. As a result, my kids live with just the basic things while his kid gets $600 guitars, and name brand clothes that my kids will never see.

Then add on the "metrosexual" man. This is the man that is not gay but by all rights acts and dresses as if he is. The man that has more skin care products than most women and that has a feminine aura that would turn me off in a a split second but many women find attractive nowadays. I want a manly man. I want a man that works on cars, mows the lawn, and that wears jeans and a tshirt. I don't want a man that outdresses me. My husband and I work as a team, I am not in charge and he is not a bumbling idiot as is portrayed in numerous commercials. He pays his child support obligation that he was tricked into and we look forward to the day when we will be free of this debt. Bottom line is that this targeting of men needs to stop. Men are citizens that are as important as women. They are important to society, the economy, and to the women who love them. They should not be portrayed in the negative way that they are and the laws should not be biased to women while men are punished for something that a woman has a choice in. Things need to change.


Anonymous said...

Here here! Ive just recently noticed what you described in the commercials. I then did a little research, and found many sites that tell of the lower number of men going to college.
I can't stand what society is doing to our men and boys. Even in grade school. If a boy, acts like a boy, he is diagnosed with ADD, and his parents are told he should be put on drugs (Ritalin). I agree completely with your post. It has to stop!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This all started in the 1960's follow the trends in all areas of society, from that point forward.
The Homosexual Movement, and Extreme Feminism,were both a production formed to destroy the truly masculine male, and the Christian way of Life and Marriage.
It is truly a sad day when I hear people I know say that they prefer a Communist Leader to our own, because ours is more or less a MetroSexual, plus the majority of people detest a weak lying male. I never thought I would see the day when I would prefer the company of strong men over females, but that day has come, and it's because I can't stand the way the majority of women act and are portrayed.
I miss the days when a Women would expect you to act like a Man instead of a girlfriend.

Naplesryder said...

I too have noticed this phenomenon in commercials where men r either bungling idiots or nonentities, I also gree this s theresultvof the sixties and the disillusionment of the youth of that time whom are now grandfathers or aging meterosexuals. At the time the sixties occurred I was in my esrly years not even 10 but I worried then about the changes that appeared on the horizon, I was right to worry because as the free love society moved into older years and gained power strange changes began to take place, our eucation system now ranks below India and our kids have no desire to be scientists and such unless they can play one on TV and make a ton of money, sorry to rant but this has been bugging me for years

Unknown said...

Look at the cartoons they make! The father is always looked down on by the whole family! He is never someone you want to look up to!

Anonymous said...

I agree totally.....My husband and I talked numerous times over these commercials and child support rulings......but people are so mentally enslaved that they are totally blind to what is happening...

Anonymous said...

What kind of job does your husband have that he is only making $13 per hour? That wage in itself is demasculinizing.

Anonymous said...

Not one sperm gets through a cervix unless she lets it. Women should be held responsible for their own acts and omssions and not blame their conduct on men.
Sperms are weak little tadpoles. They are the smallest cells in the body, having little protoplasm and almost no fuel storage.
The female provides fuel (glucose) and nutrients to feed the sperms. When she opens her cervix, she produces several specialized mucuses that provide a path for the sperms that find their way into the cervix to cross the uterus into the fallopian tubes wbere (usually) one egg is on its way.
The sperms swim up the tubes, aided by villi waving them along. Peristalsis ("swallowing") by the tubes contributes to their movemenf.
Once the man has deposited his sperm-laden semen on the cervix and in the vagina, his contribution to reproduction has ended. The rest is up to the woman.