Saturday, October 4, 2008

What Happened to Kids Today?

My husband and I were in Sears waiting to for him to have his eyes rechecked at Sears Optical. While sitting there I heard this blood curdling scream followed by the loudest display of poor behaviour that I have ever encountered in a public place by children. I'm from the time where kids behaved in public and did what they were told. These kids were jumping on displays and screaming so loudly that everyone in every part of the store could have heard them loud and clear. After climbing on a display of boxes, the little boy then began pulling all the DVD's off of a display and throwing them in the floor. All the while, these children's mother was sauntering along as if she was totally oblivious to the little hellion's behaviour. She never said a word to them. She never tried to clean up after them either. Not only I but the other people sitting in Sears Optical were appalled at this show of horrible behaviour. When my husband was finished he was staring longingly at an LCD TV with a Blu Ray DVD that was on it. We have been wanting an LCD TV for a long time now but have not been able to afford it. At this point you could still hear these children screaming in another part of the store. I had to make a pit stop at the bathroom and unfortunately had to walk right through the war zone created by these kids. They were jumping up and down on the mattresses like they were trampolines and screaming these squealing screams that make you want to somehow disable your hearing abilities if only for the moment to not have to listen to it. Their mother was not far away as usual---ignoring them and doing nothing to quell the behaviour. Now I can't say that I believe in child abuse or even spanking but what I do believe in is consequences and follow through. This is why the children of this time are out of control. Kids rule the roost nowadays, not the other way around. Kids have no respect for authority and will laugh in the face of discipline. I told my son long ago that if he acted like the little hellions of today that he has a military school in his future and I must say that both of my kids are good kids. I must have done something right. They have their moments but they would have NEVER acted like the little nightmares that I encountered at Sears. Those kids need some serious discipline which it was apparent that they don't get. Their mother's lack of caring for her kids behaviour should not be inflicted on the rest of the people that needed to be in that store at that time on that day. Nobody should have to deal with that behaviour at any time on any day. Parents need to stop with the over-coddling and instill in their kids a sense of responsibility, and a respect for others and some good old manners. This is not intended for those of us that take the time to make sure our kids behave the way they should. I realize that not all kids are lost causes today. I just seem to be seeing much more lately of out of control kids that the parents seem to have no clue or desire to discipline.

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