Friday, October 3, 2008

Barack Obama

Anyone that thinks for one second that Barack Obama is going to "change" thinks for the better is either blind, deaf or dumb. Barack Obama has no experience and though he likes to talk, he does not have the experience to act. If he becomes president, healthcare will be a joke. The government will mandate what the average person can have done, what medications that can be taken, and what tests can be performed. Patient care will go downhill because the way to save the money to pay for all this healthcare is to increase the patient load on nurses to increase the profit. Nurses are already overloaded in hospitals and imagine what it will be like when the patient load is increased. The nursing shortage will get far worse because many nurses will bail on the profession because the stress level will become too much to bear. If I were a cancer patient I would not want some idiot government official telling me which chemo treatment I qualified for. It's bad enought now with insurance companies. Imagine what it would be like if government were more involved.

As for the economy, I work for a living. I work hard and sometimes I have to work overtime to make ends meet. If I had to take a second job I would do that also. What I won't do willingly is allow some government bureaucrat such as Barack Obama take part of my hard earned money and give it to some schmo that doesn't work and that sits at home living off the system while I'm trying to feed my family. This man is going to turn the United States that I love into a socialist society that will be no less than a disaster. If he becomes President, it will be the biggest mistake that the American people can make.

Obama knows nothing about the security of this nation. If the United States bows out of this war on terror, we will look like a nation of cowards. Every terror group around is going to have a field day targeting our nation and our people and Obama will not know what to do. All he KNOWS how to do is talk. When action is required, he will fall short and America will suffer. If he does become President, those that voted him will regret it.

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